Thursday, August 20, 2009

cLaSs WaRfArE

Every now and then, when progressives and liberals start talking about the uneven distribution of income and regressive tax rates in the United States, and especially when they suggest tax cuts for the poor and middle class and tax hikes for the rich, conservatives and Republicans immediately accuse them of trying to engage in class warfare. They say this to portray those on the left who favor more fairness in the economics of this country as being some kind of sinister Marxists who want to take everyone's money away and put everyone on an equal economic footing. Like most of what you hear coming out of conservative Republican mouths, that is utter nonsense.

The truth of the matter is that conservatives and Republicans are the ones who have repeatedly engaged in class warfare against those in lower income brackets throughout our entire history. In recent years, they fired artillery at union workers by openly practicing and supporting union busting. Reagan's firing of PATCO employees in the 1980s started a long process of ousting labor unions and rolling back their numbers, power, and influence. They further torpedoed labor by pushing through free trade legislation such as NAFTA, which led to a wholesale transfer of good paying American jobs to cheap foreign labor markets in Mexico and overseas. They even convinced Bill Clinton and other "New" Democrats to support this craziness. During George W. Bush's dictatorship, conservative Republicans carpet bombed and then nuked those in middle and lower income brackets when they pushed through gigantic tax cuts fior the wealthy while allowing but a dribble to anyone else. They also openly supported the importation of millions of illegal immigrant workers to further weaken unions and keep wages frozen or to make them go lower.

It is the conservatives and Republicans who have utilized numerous acts of economic genocide against those beneath them. That, my friends, is what class warfare really is: depriving workers and the poor of higher income so the rich and big business can exploit and profit off them.

Those who practice economic genocide and engage in exploitative class warfare are war criminals. Just like military war criminals, they should be hung for their crimes.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

StAtE oF tHe NaTIoN tOdAy

Crazy right-wing extremism seems to be on the rise, or at least its miniscule members are getting louder and more shrill all the time. The insanely deluded Michelle Malkin now has a best seller out advocating internment of those suspected of being aligned with terrorists. Glenn Beck has come out repeatedly stating the President is a socialist, a fascist, and one who hates white America. At least SOME of corporate America has had enough common sense to realize what a loony extremist he is: PROCTOR AND GAMBLE, GEICO, Sargento Cheese, Men's Wearhouse, and PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE have all pulled their ads from his show! Militant militias with swastika armbands are springing up all over, buying up rifles and hoarding bullets in a deluded paranoia that Obama will take their guns away. All kinds of loonies are coming out of the woodwork to shout down Democratic lawmakers as they attempt to explain proposed health care reform legislation to their constituents. Most have been egged on by radio talk show hosts like the ever-lying big mouth Rush Limbaugh, and it's clear how clueless they are when they shout out nonsense like "Keep government out of ny Medicare" and "Government-run programs are socialized medicine!" For, Medicare, just like the Veterans Administration, IS government-run, IS socialized medicine, and runs quite nicely. These morons are also stirred up by funding for lying ads from health insurance companies and lobbyists opposing any change to health care. Some of the mental midgets out protesting even scream, "We want our country back!" The fools fail to realize they surrendered it long ago to the corrupt, profit-driven ethic of huge corporations like the insurance, pharmaceutical, and big banking corporations. I used to think this was a rather intelligent country, but not any more. That's why I'm now the American Dissident, I guess.

Friday, August 7, 2009

rOgUeS gAlLeRy: EnEmIeS oF tHe PeOpLe

Please do not mistake these individuals for target practice. I do NOT advocate or endorse the use of violence against anyone. But those shown above ARE enemies of the people; of normal, average, fundamentally decent working people who are just getting along day to day, trying to keep their heads above water. As such, you should take note and remember them.

Do not believe a word any of those shown here say. They are liars all. Nearly all are Republicans, and most are conservatives or neocons. All favor the inequities of capitalism. Most are wealthy elite who do not care about or understand regular citizens. Some are war criminals, or aiders, abettors, or defenders of war criminals.Most support tax breaks for the wealthy and oppose welfare for the poor. Some claim to be strong Christians, yet they support genocide overseas and oppose fairer income distribution at home. Some try to deliberately mislead you in the media. Many pretend to be your friend and care about you, but don't. Some are completely bought out by big business and do not want health care reform of any kind.Some have no regard for our Constitution and have worked to subvert and weaken it. Most do not believe the government should be used in any way to aid ordinary citizens. Many manipulate voters so they can pass legislation beneficial only to the wealthy or special interests. All hate President Obama, and, by extension, the non-wealthy, non-elite American people.

Do not listen to these people. Do not follow them. They are your enemies.

Monday, August 3, 2009

An EcOnOmIc & CuLtUrAl DiSsIdEnT SpEaKs OuT

Good day. I now start this blog as a periodic protest against the injustices and evils of corporate America. From time to time I will post comments on current events, politicians, government and business practices, and cultural phenomena. I hope those of you who are of like mind will join in my protestations and expound on them as well.

The potential for fairness and individual freedom in this nation is steadily eroding due to the all-pervasive, ever-strangling influence of corporatism. It controls our media and culture. It limits our individual economic progress. It fosters inequality and oppression.

As an American Dissident, I oppose corporatism's agenda of trying to make as much profit as possible out of everything and everybody. This system must be thoroughly modified or destroyed altogether.

It is time for a colossal change. Join me in my fight...