Thursday, August 13, 2009

StAtE oF tHe NaTIoN tOdAy

Crazy right-wing extremism seems to be on the rise, or at least its miniscule members are getting louder and more shrill all the time. The insanely deluded Michelle Malkin now has a best seller out advocating internment of those suspected of being aligned with terrorists. Glenn Beck has come out repeatedly stating the President is a socialist, a fascist, and one who hates white America. At least SOME of corporate America has had enough common sense to realize what a loony extremist he is: PROCTOR AND GAMBLE, GEICO, Sargento Cheese, Men's Wearhouse, and PROGRESSIVE INSURANCE have all pulled their ads from his show! Militant militias with swastika armbands are springing up all over, buying up rifles and hoarding bullets in a deluded paranoia that Obama will take their guns away. All kinds of loonies are coming out of the woodwork to shout down Democratic lawmakers as they attempt to explain proposed health care reform legislation to their constituents. Most have been egged on by radio talk show hosts like the ever-lying big mouth Rush Limbaugh, and it's clear how clueless they are when they shout out nonsense like "Keep government out of ny Medicare" and "Government-run programs are socialized medicine!" For, Medicare, just like the Veterans Administration, IS government-run, IS socialized medicine, and runs quite nicely. These morons are also stirred up by funding for lying ads from health insurance companies and lobbyists opposing any change to health care. Some of the mental midgets out protesting even scream, "We want our country back!" The fools fail to realize they surrendered it long ago to the corrupt, profit-driven ethic of huge corporations like the insurance, pharmaceutical, and big banking corporations. I used to think this was a rather intelligent country, but not any more. That's why I'm now the American Dissident, I guess.

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  1. The biggest, most powerful, most corrupt organization in this nation is the Federal Government. Jack, why do you put such trust in the Government when every one of their programs have failed?

    Social Security is bankrupt, as is Medicare, the War on Poverty hasn't worked, the Education system is failing ... and all cost far more than ever initially promised.

    Only Capitalism and Market Forces have brought prosperity to the masses around the World. Compare Cuba, Soviet Russia, and Communist China to the USA. The USA has brought prosperity and technological advancment to the masses while these other nations have brought poverty, starvation, murder, and tyranny. Yet you lash out against the Liberty provided by Free Enterprise.

    The only thing radical around here are your scribblings. Pure lies all of it. Which Socialist or Communist State brought more prosperity to more people than the USA??

    Lest we forget that Liberals or "Progressives" run many of the most successful Corporate entities and are among the richest people in the World. Yours is the "do as I say, not as I do" mentality. Grow up.