Friday, August 7, 2009

rOgUeS gAlLeRy: EnEmIeS oF tHe PeOpLe

Please do not mistake these individuals for target practice. I do NOT advocate or endorse the use of violence against anyone. But those shown above ARE enemies of the people; of normal, average, fundamentally decent working people who are just getting along day to day, trying to keep their heads above water. As such, you should take note and remember them.

Do not believe a word any of those shown here say. They are liars all. Nearly all are Republicans, and most are conservatives or neocons. All favor the inequities of capitalism. Most are wealthy elite who do not care about or understand regular citizens. Some are war criminals, or aiders, abettors, or defenders of war criminals.Most support tax breaks for the wealthy and oppose welfare for the poor. Some claim to be strong Christians, yet they support genocide overseas and oppose fairer income distribution at home. Some try to deliberately mislead you in the media. Many pretend to be your friend and care about you, but don't. Some are completely bought out by big business and do not want health care reform of any kind.Some have no regard for our Constitution and have worked to subvert and weaken it. Most do not believe the government should be used in any way to aid ordinary citizens. Many manipulate voters so they can pass legislation beneficial only to the wealthy or special interests. All hate President Obama, and, by extension, the non-wealthy, non-elite American people.

Do not listen to these people. Do not follow them. They are your enemies.

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