Thursday, August 20, 2009

cLaSs WaRfArE

Every now and then, when progressives and liberals start talking about the uneven distribution of income and regressive tax rates in the United States, and especially when they suggest tax cuts for the poor and middle class and tax hikes for the rich, conservatives and Republicans immediately accuse them of trying to engage in class warfare. They say this to portray those on the left who favor more fairness in the economics of this country as being some kind of sinister Marxists who want to take everyone's money away and put everyone on an equal economic footing. Like most of what you hear coming out of conservative Republican mouths, that is utter nonsense.

The truth of the matter is that conservatives and Republicans are the ones who have repeatedly engaged in class warfare against those in lower income brackets throughout our entire history. In recent years, they fired artillery at union workers by openly practicing and supporting union busting. Reagan's firing of PATCO employees in the 1980s started a long process of ousting labor unions and rolling back their numbers, power, and influence. They further torpedoed labor by pushing through free trade legislation such as NAFTA, which led to a wholesale transfer of good paying American jobs to cheap foreign labor markets in Mexico and overseas. They even convinced Bill Clinton and other "New" Democrats to support this craziness. During George W. Bush's dictatorship, conservative Republicans carpet bombed and then nuked those in middle and lower income brackets when they pushed through gigantic tax cuts fior the wealthy while allowing but a dribble to anyone else. They also openly supported the importation of millions of illegal immigrant workers to further weaken unions and keep wages frozen or to make them go lower.

It is the conservatives and Republicans who have utilized numerous acts of economic genocide against those beneath them. That, my friends, is what class warfare really is: depriving workers and the poor of higher income so the rich and big business can exploit and profit off them.

Those who practice economic genocide and engage in exploitative class warfare are war criminals. Just like military war criminals, they should be hung for their crimes.


  1. Jack, how can you say tax rates are regressive when The Top 50% pay 96.54% of All Income Taxes?? The top 1% pay more than a third: 34.27% .... thus the bottom 50% of earners pay virtually NO income tax.

    Bush's gigantic tax cuts for the Rich amounted to a mere 3% reduction (39% down to 36%) while lower brackets received the same 3% reduction.

    The facts just don't match your assertion Jack.

  2. Jack: Only in the USA can so many rise from Dirt Poor to rich and powerful. Your beloved Clinton's and Obama are but 2 examples. Where else in the World can such vast numbers of poor/middle class become rich?

    Unions have disappeared because the industries they represent have failed, in part because of the Unions!! I can negotiate my own salary just fine without a Union, and Yes, I have worked in a union shop. All Unions do is hinder more innovative/productive people. The need for Unions have diminished with the needed advent of Workers Rights Laws.

    You assume all Rich people are Conservative/GOP'ers ... how false is that? Most Rural Folks are Conservative and middle class or poor. Hollywood, Corporations, the Universities, the Media etc. all aspects of America are full of Rich Progressives ...

  3. I love this guy. He quotes bogus numbers without even thinking about them. Even worse, he is so ignorant that he doesn't know that there is more upward mobility in Europe than here in the US.

  4. "carpet bombed and nuked" ???!!!! LMFAO very nicely said! don't listen to them Jack... let the top 1% pay 60%! I've paid enough capital gains taxes to understand how it works. Bless Martha Stewart who pledged to support higher taxes for her income bracket. I do however; agree with the stat breaks on who the upper income folk are... they do make up more liberal progressives ... I agree. Yet; these liberal progressives choose to pay the higher taxes ... it's the lower income GOP politico's working for the smaller version of big corporate / business money that manipulates with small potatoes thrown in their collective laps. Where else can you make this kind of money or fortune? what kind of bubble are you in boogieman? How about China, Thailand, India, Britain, Bali, Canada, Greenland, Denmark, France, ....I mean shit! Where you livin' fool? ah, sorry Jack... don't mean to seem unladylike....