Monday, August 3, 2009

An EcOnOmIc & CuLtUrAl DiSsIdEnT SpEaKs OuT

Good day. I now start this blog as a periodic protest against the injustices and evils of corporate America. From time to time I will post comments on current events, politicians, government and business practices, and cultural phenomena. I hope those of you who are of like mind will join in my protestations and expound on them as well.

The potential for fairness and individual freedom in this nation is steadily eroding due to the all-pervasive, ever-strangling influence of corporatism. It controls our media and culture. It limits our individual economic progress. It fosters inequality and oppression.

As an American Dissident, I oppose corporatism's agenda of trying to make as much profit as possible out of everything and everybody. This system must be thoroughly modified or destroyed altogether.

It is time for a colossal change. Join me in my fight...

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